Saturday, 22 March 2014

Save the Mother Nature

Nature has provided us with the best possible things to make our life easy and wonderful! But are we really kind to Mother Nature??

With the increasing heat in the atmosphere, we are now facing the consequences of global warming. We are ultimately responsible for disturbing nature to such an extent and finally we would be in danger because of this.

Today, the level of pollution has been reached to such an extent that there is no doubt it will take our lives off if we let it grow like this. So, not for anything thing else, but for our own selves, it is our duty to save nature.

If we really want to save our nature, majorly we should focus on two things; limited and wise use of natural resources and maximum recirculation of the things. Things can be recycled right from carry bags to automobiles and its spare parts.

Now let us see in what ways you can recycle the things. Share every small idea here with all of us that will be beneficial ultimately to all of us…

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Used Spares …. Help in Saving the Environment!!!

Man being the most intelligent animal on this planet Earth, we have proceeded in our life with the most advanced technologies at our doorstep. Thanks to all those who have contributed in making our life technological and thereby most comfortable.

If we think for ourselves, yes, man is the happiest animal on Earth. But if we give a wide thought for our environment, we will understand how cruel we have been towards our environment. Nature has provides us with everything! Rather we have made utmost use of natural things. But now it is time, we think far… if we really want to save our future.

Sources of energy must be used sparingly. In that case, why not we give a thought towards maximum recycling of the things? To start with, why can’t we think of using the used spares for our cars? It would definitely contribute in the recycling process and help us in SAVING…..saving not only the Money but also the natural resources… and ultimately, saving ourselves!!

What do you say???

Saturday, 1 March 2014

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

We all are very well versed with this proverb. But how many of us do actually follow it.

Some of us may not be using their cars very often. Some people, who stay very near to the workplace, prefer to walk rather than driving down the roads. But as you may be aware, keeping the cars simply idle for a long time is not advisable. It may charge you with unnecessary maintenance expenses.

If technology is at our doorstep, then why make it stale….just make Good Use of it!!!

Well, but some of us may be willing to drive but the car may be giving heavy expenditures due to one or the other reasons. In such cases, it’s a sincere advise to you….Prefer used spares for you cars. It would help you ease on your pockets and will at the same time give you the pleasure of driving and will give you a contented life.

Don’t keep your cars idle, instead get the car serviced at regular intervals and maintain it properly so that it is avoided from any future expenses.

Do you agree? Or you have something different to share?