Friday, 31 January 2014

Will It Be Right Decision?

Friends, Could you all help me taking a decision as regards my car maintenance, at this juncture?

My car met with an accident at cross roads and it is not totally but partially ruined. I don’t have so many bugs to make over my car with all new purchases. One of my friends suggested me of going to a genuine salvage yard or a used auto spares dealer and has guaranteed me with his own experience about their best services.

He also told me that these used parts, transmissions, engines and wheels etc. are genuine OEM parts which are damn good in condition and proven for their performances. Even we get warranty on the purchases.

The option sounds interesting where I can save my time, energy and money and still bring my car into its original working conditions.

Will it be my right decision if I opt for this? I would appreciate your suggestions at this point of time......

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Get a Complete Yet Budgeted Makeover of Your Car!

While purchasing a car, we get confused many times. The reason is the availability of variety of options in the form of variety of brands and technical specifications. But there is one more important factor that affect our decision is obviously our pockets, isn’t it?
Yes, but what if we try out rebuilt engines and then a total makeover of the car....but in a much different such a way that Our Car becomes totally UNIQUE?? Isn’t that a wonderful idea?
Used spares, Used transmissions,and rebuilt engines, but body shape as we wish.....and still in our budget!
No it is nothing like a dream or so... It can be turned into reality!
How will you like to get your car reformed? Write us....