Monday, 14 July 2014

Inflate Tires To The Pressure Shown On The Tire's Sidewall.


Inflate tires to the pressure shown on the tire's sidewall.

- The pounds-per-square-inch figure on the side of the tire is the maximum pressure that the tire can safely hold, not the automaker's recommended pressure, which provides the best balance of braking, handling, gas mileage, and ride comfort.
- That figure is usually found on a doorjamb sticker, in the glove box, or on the fuel-filler door.
- Perform a monthly pressure check when tires are cold or after the car has been parked for a few hours.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

When Replacing Only Two Tires, The New Ones Go On The Front.

When replacing only two tires, the new ones go on the front.

- Retreaded tires can be used on steer axles, EXCEPT on passenger buses.
- In some applications, retreaded tires are a substantial cost- and energy-saving
- Alternative to new tire steer tires without any loss of performance or safety.

Friday, 11 July 2014

A Larger Capacity Battery Will Damage Car

 A larger capacity battery will damage car


- A starter motor will only draw a fixed amount of current from the battery, based on the resistance of its load.
- A larger current capacity battery supplies only what is required. It will not damage your vehicle.
- Using batteries with higher or lower voltage or too tall can damage your vehicle.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Misconception Of Tire Bursting If Pressure Exceeds

Misconception Of Tire Bursting If Pressure Exceeds

- The max press is not a measure of the tire's burst pressure.
- It is actually a measure of the pressure needed in the tire to carry the maximum load the car can handle.
- A new tire won't burst with even 3 times more than the max press.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Can A Spare Tire Be Use Driving Fast And A Logn Period


Is it true that you can drive as fast and as long on a temporary or compact spare tire as you can on a regular tire.

- In general, all-season tires are the best tires for year-round usage.
- However, if you live in an area that receives little plowing or heavy snow, you should consider switching to a snow tire during the winter.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Special Repair Methods Aren't Needed For Steel-Belted Radials.

Special repair methods aren't needed for steel-belted radials

- The proper method for repairing steel-belted radials requires that the tire be removed from the wheel.
- The hole be filled with a plug-type repair inserted from the outside of the tires and a patch be placed over the hole from the inside of the tire.
- Be aware of the repair method used: If the tire isn't removed from the wheel and a patch placed on the inside, it is an improper repair.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Wheel Alignment Should Be Done Every Year


Wheel Alignment Should Be Done
Every Year 


Some say, "Wheel alignment should be done every year"

- Wheel alignment is not maintenance and does not need to be
routinely performed.

- Vehicles are not knocked out of alignment by
hitting potholes, unless something is bent or damaged.

- The symptoms of
wheel alignment include tire wear particularly to one side or the other, a
crooked steering wheel when driving straight and/or a pull to the right are left
that is constant at all speeds.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

I Will Need An Expensive Alignment Kit If I Install Lowering Springs On ...


A comman myth : "I will need an expensive alignment kit if
I install lowering springs on my car."

- According to Eibach, a leader in spring engineering and production.
- Most vehicles do not require an alignment kit after installing a set of lowering
springs that result in mild lowering of about an inch.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Does Steel-Belting In Radial Tires Prevents Punctures And Flats?


Does steel-belting in radial tires prevents punctures and flats from nails, glass and other debris?

- Any pneumatic tire can be punctured and lose air.
- While steel-belted tires are durable, they are not indestructible.
- Avoid road debris and visually check your tires regularly to catch air-loss problem

Saturday, 31 May 2014

You Can't Convert Back To Regular Oil After Using Synthetic Oil?

The most conman signage we see across garages is "You can't convert back to regular oil after using synthetic oil "


- You can change back to regular oil as long as it meets the regulations of your car manual. 

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Is it bad for my engine to switch between synthetic and conventional motor oil?


- Today's synthetics are totally compatible with conventional oil, and other leading synthetics. 

- Switch back and forth all you want. 

- Some who live where temperatures plummet well below zero use synthetic in the winter for its protection during cold starts and extreme temperatures and then switch to lower-priced conventional oil for warmer weather.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Synthetic Oil Is Always Better.

Synthetic Oil Is Always Better.

 "Synthetic oil is always better."


- Synthetic Oil and Regular Oil Perform Equally well.

- Synthetic oil is no better than natural oil for vehicles driven slowly in towns and cities, and at highway speeds, in a climate with moderate weather.

- It benefits only high-performance racing engines or vehicles that driven in very cold weather, below 0 degrees F. (-18 C.) for extended periods.

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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

My Tire Is Covered By My Vehicle Manufacturer's Warranty - Including Punctures And Cuts

Some say,"My tire is covered by my vehicle manufacturer's warranty, including punctures and cuts."


- Tire manufacturers warranties cover workmanship and materials on the tires.
- Your vehicle's coverage does not include tires. The tire manufacturers' warranties do not cover use-related damages such as cuts, nail holes or impacts.
- However, some individual tire dealers do sell road hazard warranties at the time of a new replacement tire purchase, which can cover these types of problems.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Special Repair Methods Aren't Needed For Steel-Belted Radials

A common misconception - "Special repair methods aren't needed for steel-belted radials."


- The proper method for repairing steel-belted radials requires that the tire be removed from the wheel.
- The hole be filled with a plug-type repair inserted from the outside of the tire; and a patch be placed over the hole from the inside of the tire.
- Be aware of the repair method used: If the tire isn't removed from the wheel and a patch placed on the inside, it is an improper repair.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Cheaper And More Profitable Comebacks On-The-Car Lathe

New rotors prevent comebacks and are cheaper and more profitable than an on-the-car lathe


- In some cases, a new rotor should be machined to match the vehicle with an on-the-car brake lathe.

- The main advantage of these lathes is that they are able to cut a rotor in its operating plane.

- This means that the rotor is machined to match the hub.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Does A Car Warranty Mean I Take The Car To The Dealer For Maintenance?

Does A Car Warranty Mean I Take The Car To The Dealer For Maintenance?


- When you buy a new car, it usually comes with a bumper-to-bumper warranty, which covers components like sensors, electrical components and the air conditioning.

- But those warranties don't cover regular maintenance (such as oil changes), and things like new tires. 

- You can take your car to independent service center for the routine work, or even do it yourself, without affecting the warranty.

Monday, 14 April 2014

You Can Visually See If Tires Have The Correct Air Pressure

You can visually see if tires have the correct air pressure.


- Air pressure can be as low as much as 10 psi but yet not show any outward signs.

- Make sure to have the air pressure checked on a regular basis.

- Under-inflated tires wear out faster and your vehicle uses more gas as a result of the increased rolling resistance.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Does Over Inflating Tires Helps with Gas Mileage?

Does over inflating tires helps with gas mileage?


- Over inflated tires cause wear in the middle of the tire.

- Under inflated tires causes wear on the outside of the tire.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Save the Mother Nature

Nature has provided us with the best possible things to make our life easy and wonderful! But are we really kind to Mother Nature??

With the increasing heat in the atmosphere, we are now facing the consequences of global warming. We are ultimately responsible for disturbing nature to such an extent and finally we would be in danger because of this.

Today, the level of pollution has been reached to such an extent that there is no doubt it will take our lives off if we let it grow like this. So, not for anything thing else, but for our own selves, it is our duty to save nature.

If we really want to save our nature, majorly we should focus on two things; limited and wise use of natural resources and maximum recirculation of the things. Things can be recycled right from carry bags to automobiles and its spare parts.

Now let us see in what ways you can recycle the things. Share every small idea here with all of us that will be beneficial ultimately to all of us…

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Used Spares …. Help in Saving the Environment!!!

Man being the most intelligent animal on this planet Earth, we have proceeded in our life with the most advanced technologies at our doorstep. Thanks to all those who have contributed in making our life technological and thereby most comfortable.

If we think for ourselves, yes, man is the happiest animal on Earth. But if we give a wide thought for our environment, we will understand how cruel we have been towards our environment. Nature has provides us with everything! Rather we have made utmost use of natural things. But now it is time, we think far… if we really want to save our future.

Sources of energy must be used sparingly. In that case, why not we give a thought towards maximum recycling of the things? To start with, why can’t we think of using the used spares for our cars? It would definitely contribute in the recycling process and help us in SAVING…..saving not only the Money but also the natural resources… and ultimately, saving ourselves!!

What do you say???

Saturday, 1 March 2014

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

We all are very well versed with this proverb. But how many of us do actually follow it.

Some of us may not be using their cars very often. Some people, who stay very near to the workplace, prefer to walk rather than driving down the roads. But as you may be aware, keeping the cars simply idle for a long time is not advisable. It may charge you with unnecessary maintenance expenses.

If technology is at our doorstep, then why make it stale….just make Good Use of it!!!

Well, but some of us may be willing to drive but the car may be giving heavy expenditures due to one or the other reasons. In such cases, it’s a sincere advise to you….Prefer used spares for you cars. It would help you ease on your pockets and will at the same time give you the pleasure of driving and will give you a contented life.

Don’t keep your cars idle, instead get the car serviced at regular intervals and maintain it properly so that it is avoided from any future expenses.

Do you agree? Or you have something different to share?

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Share Your Knowledge About the Automotive Business?

Human being has always been in search of a comfortable life. This was the motivation behind so many inventions and so much advancement of the technology today. These efforts for making lives more and more comfortable are still ‘ON’ today, and it will always be ‘ON’.

The invention of ‘zero’ and an ‘engine’, gave the thrust to the automobile business. The automobiles brought comfort and progress in human lives. The running wheels brought the complete revolution. We all are enjoying the sweet fruits of this revolution today.

It is said that the automotive business has started in 1890s.  It will really be interesting for you to know how this business got developed in all these years.

Just take a search about automotive business in the USA and share your knowledge here for your friends. Also let us know about your opinion about the future of the automotive business in the USA.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Treasure Is Always Open… Just Explore!!!

I am the proud owner of one of the renowned water adventure sports club. I own a big fleet of boats with different types, makes and capacities. A powerful and high performing marine engine is the heart of any water sports activity.

I remember the day when all of a sudden one of my boat engines failed. I was literally stunned as I had no clue about what to do. With my experience till that day one thong was quite sure that seeking help from the wrong source will leave my pocket dried up. To keep on waiting for the right deal and to keep the boat idle was not feasible for my business.

Fortunately, one of my close friends, a marine engineer, happened to meet me. Being an expert in his field, I told him my reason to worry about. He told me about a place where I can get a authentic solution for my problem. It was a renowned salvage yard.

It was not merely a salvage yard, but it was like a treasure to explore for all automobile lovers. I found that they were offering some of the finest brands in the market for all the boating needs. They had GM Chevy, Ford, and Dodge Chrysler marine engines. Anybody can tell that these are the best names in American craftsmanship. Surprisingly, I also found the new 6.5 liter Diesel Engine for those who want pure power. There is no doubt that this beauty will blow you out of the water with its amazing power. On the top of all these engines were available at the lowest prices in the industry.

From that day onwards, I started dealing with those people regularly and with that I started growing my profits. If you also want to get the advantage like me, the treasure is always open… just explore!!!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Can a Salvage Yard be Like This?

Salvage Yard
The very first thought that came into my mind after entering that place was, ‘Can a salvage yard be like this?’

I saw many used cars kept for re-sell. But looking at them one could hardly believe that they were used. There were few cars standing in a line on one side. I really could not find out their make. Later I came to know that those were the cars with complete makeover. What an amazing work!!!

Further I noticed a big store where they were dealing in used automobile parts, used transmissions, used wheels, used engines and used accessories. You just name the part and that part was available there. All the parts were used but genuine OEM parts which were best in condition. Above all they were giving guarantee over purchases of these parts. You won’t believe if I tell you the prices at which one can buy this authentic used stuff.

I have made my choice my friends… What about you???

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Save Yourself… Save Our Planet!!!

Today, in the year 2014, we, the residents of this planet earth have completely understood that with the growing population here, a day will arrive when this planet will be out of important resources. Growing garbage is yet another major question here. This will affect the living of all living beings badly. Perhaps that will be the end of life on earth. With this threat in mind, today, the scientists from all over the world are trying hard to find another planet to make a better place for living.

There are some countries like China that have adopted strict measures to arrest uncontrolled growth of population with the vision of controlled usage of the resources. Initially, it was seen as a better measure for keeping control over growing population. But then it ended up with complete imbalance in the proportion of youth of the country.

In past few years, we all have understood that ‘recycling’ is the only key to this disastrous problem. Now is the time when we should look more and more seriously towards recycling of the things. Savings in the resources will result in saving of life, and saving of life will result in saving our earth.

Do you know that like many other things, your car can be recycled? Yes! This option of saving our planet is very much open for all of us now. There are few authentic salvage yards where you can get this miracle done. Either you can have complete makeover of your old or damaged car or you can just sell your old car for a good price and buy another model that you desire at terrific low prices. Be assured that though these cars or the parts that will be used in makeover of your old car, are used; they are OEM parts that are best in conditions and proven for their intended performances. You will be benefited in terms of cost, quality and performance and you will be a helping hand to save the life here on this planet.

Can you tell me how you and our planet will be benefited with your wise decision of going for ‘used’???

Friday, 31 January 2014

Will It Be Right Decision?

Friends, Could you all help me taking a decision as regards my car maintenance, at this juncture?

My car met with an accident at cross roads and it is not totally but partially ruined. I don’t have so many bugs to make over my car with all new purchases. One of my friends suggested me of going to a genuine salvage yard or a used auto spares dealer and has guaranteed me with his own experience about their best services.

He also told me that these used parts, transmissions, engines and wheels etc. are genuine OEM parts which are damn good in condition and proven for their performances. Even we get warranty on the purchases.

The option sounds interesting where I can save my time, energy and money and still bring my car into its original working conditions.

Will it be my right decision if I opt for this? I would appreciate your suggestions at this point of time......

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Get a Complete Yet Budgeted Makeover of Your Car!

While purchasing a car, we get confused many times. The reason is the availability of variety of options in the form of variety of brands and technical specifications. But there is one more important factor that affect our decision is obviously our pockets, isn’t it?
Yes, but what if we try out rebuilt engines and then a total makeover of the car....but in a much different such a way that Our Car becomes totally UNIQUE?? Isn’t that a wonderful idea?
Used spares, Used transmissions,and rebuilt engines, but body shape as we wish.....and still in our budget!
No it is nothing like a dream or so... It can be turned into reality!
How will you like to get your car reformed? Write us....