Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Get Authentic OEM Used Spares @ Cheaper Prices

Life is small and we try to make it beautiful by doing what we want to. But life is not simple. It is not always possible to have things that we always wanted to.
 Get Authentic OEM Used Spares @ Cheaper PricesSame is in the case of cars. We may have a dream of being a proud owner of a nice luxurious high end car or even cars, but our budget may not allow us and we end up purchasing a budgeted car. Our dream remains a dream always…
But if we think out of the box and we go for buying used cars, we can be proud owner of our dream car. There are certain salvage yards which are trusted and they deal in used automobiles and used automobile spares. Here we can get authentic automobiles as well as OEM used spares at considerably cheaper prices and also having warranty with it.

Get Authentic OEM Used Spares at Cheaper Prices
Automotix is one of the resources that can make your dream come true. You can get used genuine cars and authentic OEM car spares here, with warranty, that too well within your budget.

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Automotix is one of the largest and trusted sources of used automobiles and used automobile spares.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

The First Automobile Advertisements

The First Automobile Advertisements
This Winton Motor Carriage advertisement from the July 30, 1898 -  “first” ad for an automobile.
Popular lists of automotive facts often mention two “first” advertisements: a Winton Motor Car Company ad in the July 1898 issue of Scientific American and the W.E. Roach Company’s ad in the March 31, 1900 issue of Saturday Evening Post. Yet a closer look at The Henry Ford’s collection of clipped ads and nationally distributed periodicals from the 1890s tells us that other advertisements also vie for this honor.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

How To Shop Keystone Auto Body Parts With Automotix?

If you are frustrated with the huge expenses of your vehicle and looking for auto parts online that can save your money as well as offer you excellent quality and performance, you are right here to avail OEM compatible Keystone parts at your fingertips.  Automotix is an excellent online store that offers a wide spectrum of new, used and Keystone aftermarket auto parts to its customers at unbeatable prices. At here, you can easily browse for different automobile parts that are not easy to find elsewhere.

They carry an extensive collection of Used Auto Parts, Used Engines, Used Transmissions, Auto Body Parts, Rebuilt Engines, Wheels & Rims, A/C Conditioning Parts and much more. The best part about Automotix is that all their products come with a lively one year warranty. 

What payment mode does Automotix accept?
Automotix accepts payment through major credit cards of well-known companies, accepted cards are as follows: 
     1. Visa 
     2. Master Card  
     3. American Express 
     4. Discover 
What is the shipping policy of Automotix?
Web-store feels great to offer free shipping within the continental 48 US States. They ship to the entire US along with several international destinations. Currently they don't ship to any P.O. Box addresses. The other options and cost of shipping is available at the checkout.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Fix Your Car Alarm In 6 Simple Steps

Step 1: Pull apart the keyless entry button
Step 2: Do this by inserting your fingernail into the cracks on the sides of the key fob (the box with the buttons on it). Pull the fob apart
Step 3: Find the circular carbon discs that are opposite to the buttons
Step 4: Adjust the circular carbon discs until they are positioned exactly beneath the button that is supposed to be pressed
Step 5: Carefully push both ends of the key fob closed until they snap together
Step 6: Try pressing the button to see if it works

Visit for our Do It Yourself Kit with easy step-by-step instructions.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Commercial Auto Parts Locator

Need help finding high quality commercial auto body parts, diesel motor, transmission or an axle? You came to the right website! Automotix network of top auto salvage yards helps auto companies to find high quality used auto parts for a fraction of the cost of a new OEM auto part. We make sure that you will find something at the right price for your car or truck,auto repair, used cars, auto salvage, used parts locator at store.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Find Out Auto Body Parts Online Easily With Auto Parts Locator can help you find auto body parts online fast & cheap! Once you complete our part locating web interface form, your auto part query will get distributed instantly to 500+ automotive sellers. Our inventory includes used bumpers, lights, mirrors, wheels, engines, transmissions and body parts with 1-Yr warranty. For more call us on 1-800-378-7566.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Find Reliable Keystone Aftermarket Auto Parts Shop

Are you worried for the huge expense of auto repairs? Are you looking for automotive keystone parts wholesale store? Automotix mini store is leading automotive parts shop with vast inventory of Keystone auto body parts. You will find Keystone car parts, Keystone aftermarket auto parts,auto body parts online at web store easily. These different types of auto parts come in different price ranges to choose the category in your budget. Besides this, you can have many alternatives for purchase as well as you can find right fit parts for your auto easily.
Keystone Auto Body Parts

You can browse through catalogs of keystone aftermarket auto parts on web store. You can search for required body parts by choosing make, model and part name choosing with auto parts locator facility. Aftermarket body parts offer brand new look to your vehicle. You can avail car body kits of different parts like bumpers, bonnets, door etc. Enthusiast car owners have wide variety of shapes and designs of these parts to change look of their car and give personalized touch to the car.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Keystone Aftermarket Auto Parts

Aftermarket auto parts changed the auto parts market drastically. There are many reasons for the huge demands for these parts. Some of them are –
  • Quality – Aftermarket auto parts are up to mark the specifications mentioned by CAPA. In addition, in some parts, these parts are manufactured by reverse engineering to eliminate its weaknesses. Thus, some of the aftermarket parts even exceed in OEM quality for durability, performance, noise levels etc.
  • Cost effective – It is always economical to buy aftermarket body parts and auto parts than OEM parts. The money you save depends on the aftermarket brand you choose.
  • Easy availability – unlike OEM parts, aftermarket auto parts are easily available at any auto parts store, local mechanic etc.
  • Wide variety – There are numerous companies engaged in producing aftermarket auto parts. As you get more alternatives for selection, you have wider range of prices to avail the auto parts in your budget.
Nowadays, you can buy Keystone aftermarket auto parts online at the comfort of your home. As aftermarket auto parts provide a wide variety for selection, the responsibility of buyers increases to choose reliable Keystone car parts.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Make Your Car Run Like New With An Auto Body Work

 Auto Repair  >  Repair Tips  >  Auto Body Work Article
Just a periodic monitoring of your vehicle can give you the performance you wanted from the car. Here we present some of the common checks that can keep your car healthier for a longer span.
Auto Body Work

Auto body works may sound a bit technical to you, but it is pretty easy to do. You can handle many of the auto body works at your home simply by the use of some common tools and accessories.
  • Washing - Washing is very common and essential method for keeping your vehicle immune from the degradations it may suffer. Vehicle should be cleaned within a month or so. If you've came back from a long drive, then clean your vehicle immediately after returning. This will clean up any debris or dirt deposited on any component or part of the auto body, which will further minimize the chances of damage that may occur to your car. Car shampoos and other washing stuff is readily available in the market and you can buy the most suitable one for yourself. Pressure Wash, washing with a good amount of pressure of water, is recommended for inner components.
  • Waxing - After washing the car, the glossy appearance of the car can be ensured with a quality waxing stuff. The exterior body of the car must be waxed after washing; it hides the minor scratches of the car and gives it a pleasant appearance. Waxing across the corners and margins of the vehicle must be done fortnightly. You can apply wax with the help of a piece of a dry cloth. Care must be taken while application and a uniform coat of the wax must be put over it.
  • Lubrication - Lubrication of the automobile components ensures its smooth functioning for a longer period. This involves oiling and greasing of various parts of the vehicle. This activity also keeps the vehicle insulated from the unwanted aftermaths of friction. Lubrication should be done over the joints and connections of the parts of the vehicle. This will also prevent the rust from gripping that region.
  • Screwing the Joints - Various joints of the vehicle must be properly torqued to ensure the optimal performance of the connected parts. Over or under torquing will hinder the performance levels of the vehicle significantly. Thus, check out the screwing of the vehicles before taking it on a drive.
These are some of the most common auto body work tips which are applicable to any sort of vehicle. However, there are some vehicle specific checks, which can be easily observed by simple visual inspection.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Tips For Keystone Auto Body Parts Repair

Some of the common and minor damages are repairable at home. You can do these repairs at your own with some guidelines or instructions from manuals or experts. Here are some of the tips for automotive body repair at your own –
  • Rusting of body parts – When body paint vanishes and exposes inner metal, rusting is common and its rate depends on the moisture in the atmosphere. This rusting spreads from this exposed metal to other parts and you may not see it until it causes bubbling in the paint. You can prevent rusting in time. Grind the rust till you find bear metal and primer it. Then spray primer and regular paint on it. This prevents rusting and decays of body parts.
  • Repairing dents and dings – you can avail dent-removing kits to pull the dings without repainting it. This is possible with small dents and dings. However, in case of larger dents, you need to take help of body repair shops and services. In some damages, you have to replace automotive body parts instead of repairing.
  • Refinishing – In case of scratches or repairing dents, next job is refinishing. Once the body surface is cleaned and made smooth, two thin coats of primer are sprayed. Sand the primer to make it clean and spray three coats of paint on it.
You will find many Keystone aftermarket auto parts in cheaper prices than OE body parts. You can choose even economical alternative with Keystone auto body parts. These parts are available in very less prices and you can save 40-60 percent cost of repair with these parts. 

Wide Range Of Replacement Keystone Auto Parts

Automotix provide all Keystone auto parts including auto body parts in wholesale prices to our customers. Our wide inventory includes –
  • Replacement auto parts – For replacing various auto parts including engine parts to body parts and accessories, we provide wide range of replacement auto parts. These auto parts include used parts, rebuild parts, aftermarket auto parts and re manufactured auto parts.
  • Auto body parts – From doors to fenders and bumpers to headlights and mirrors, you can avail plenty of auto body parts at our store easily.
  •  Auto accessories – Variety of auto accessories are available in our inventory. Using these accessories, you can enhance look and comfort of your vehicle. We provide wholesale auto accessories for our clients. Buyers can buy these accessories in wholesale prices at our store.
  • All auto parts – The comprehensive range of auto parts including engines, transmissions, radiators, alternators and many more are available at our store.
We are the largest auto parts store having more than 30 million auto parts in our inventory.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Specifications Of 2012 Hyundai Veloster Combination Switch

2012 Hyundai Veloster Combination Switch
The specifications of 2012 Hyundai Veloster Combination Switch are as follows:
Description:     Combination Switch
non-Hybrid, turn signal lamps, Without auto lamps; (Without fog lamps)
Fits:               2012 Hyundai Veloster
turn signal, Without foglamps; Without Automatic headlamps
Condition:       Very Good
Mileage:          Premium Quality
Warranty:        1-Year (policy)
Discount Price: $86.00   
Stock Number:  H70401338F
Location:         Birmingham, Alabama 35207
Distance:         179 miles (local savings)
Local Discount: Take Additional $4.00 Off

Shop Here For Used Engines and Transmission

We offer only high quality certified used engines and transmissions for most cars and trucks. Our inventory is refreshed daily and has over than 100,000 engines and transmissions to choose from. Whether you are looking for domestic, import or Japanese engines/transmissions, we have them all. We warranty all our salvage and used engines with an exceptional 1 year Warranty. Check out our engine and transmission store. If you don't find what you are looking for, then give us a call and we will find it for you.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Shop Anytime 24x7 With Online Keystone Store

Keystone aftermarket auto parts provides the best alternative for OEM parts without compromising with the quality norms specified by CAPA. You can choose Keystone parts online with our store anytime without hesitation and be sure to get true value to your money. There are some major benefits of buying online auto parts like –
  • You can find all the auto parts market at your desktop. You can go through wide range of auto parts store to choose recognized and trustworthy store for buying auto parts.
  • You can browse through a variety of auto parts and plenty of alternatives available in the market.
  • It is very simple and easy to get details of online auto parts along with the part descriptions, year of manufacturing and their prices too.
  • You have huge alternatives for selection after comparing their prices, quality and conditions.
  • You can avail huge discount prices for these parts. You can avail free shipping and excellent customer services with wide networks of established stores like us.
We provide used Keystone parts with same quality assurance and warranties to pay good returns to your money. Just browse our catalogs of millions of Keystone auto body parts online and buy these parts in no time. We are ready here to take care of delivering them to your doorstep.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Keystone Auto Body Parts – Strong Competitor For OEM Parts

From the beginning Keystone auto body parts are known for excel quality and competitive prices. It is one of the worldwide names in the auto industry for replacement parts. You will find wide range of replacement keystone aftermarket auto parts and products. In short, its product list includes –
  • Heating and cooling parts such as
  1. Heater
  2. A/C control
  3. Compressor
  4. Condenser
  5. Evaporator
  6. Radiator
  7. Cooling fan etc.
  • Collision assemblies like
  1. Bumpers front and rear
  2. Bumper covers
  3. Doors front and rear
  4. Convertible tops
  5. Center pillar
  6. Header panel
  7. Quarter panel
  8. Hood
  9. Rear desk and many more.
  • Steering and suspension parts like 
  1. Beam,
  2. Axle short rack and pinion
  3. Leaf springs
  4. Power steering pump
  5. Strut assembly
  6. Spindle
  7. Steering column etc.
  • Mechanical assemblies and parts like
  1. Air cleaner
  2. Axles
  3. CV shaft
  4. Drive shaft
  5. Fuel tank
  6. Engine cradle
  7. Auto and manual transmissions
  8. Integral differentials
  9. Transfer case
  10. Engines and more.
  • Various interiors such as 
  1. Dashboard
  2. Seats
  3. Air bags
  4. Complete interior etc.
You can browse through thousands of parts to view photos, description and specifications of different parts at ease.You will find perfect fit Keystone auto parts for all makes and models. Buy Keystone parts online and save money.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Specification Of 2012 Smart Fortwo Hood

The specifications of 2012 Smart Fortwo Hood used parts are as follows :
Description:     Hood SMART EV, Coupe
Fits:                2012 Smart Fortwo
Condition:        Very Good
Mileage:           Premium Quality
Warranty:         1-Year (policy)
Discount Price:  $343.00   
Stock Number:  G66893585L
Location:         Atlanta, Georgia 30655
Distance:         228 miles (local savings)
Local Discount: Take Additional $32.00 Off

The Largest Auto Parts Marketplace

An Auto Parts marketplace is a location where one can sell and buy used auto spare parts easily. The purchase and sale of auto parts can be also done online. The companies in United States provide facilities to individuals such as buying and selling of used cars, pre-owned cars, antique cars, used cars and remanufactured auto spare parts, aftermarket auto spare parts, salvage autos and parts of damaged and repairable automobiles. The information of major salvage yards in the United States is available online, where millions of used spare parts can be purchased fast at cheap rates.